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Integrative Approach To Chronic Conditions

Our Integrative Approach

Dr Brendan Fitzpatrick combines his medical training with complementary medicine treating people with chronic conditions eg IBS, Yeast Sugar sensitivity Candida, Chronic fatigue, Eczema/Urticaria, and ongoing musculoskeletal pain.

Candida / Yeast Sensitivity Syndrome

Few would doubt there has been a widespread increase in allergic conditions over the last 50 years and the reasons for this are complex and multi-factorial. This syndrome argues that sugar/yeast sensitivity is an aggravating factor in many common medical conditions and may be a contributory factor to increased allergies in general.

The past 50 years have been unique in the history of lifestyle and medicine. Frequent use of antibiotics, contraceptive pill and the high intake of refined sugar all predispose to fungal infections. There are also genetic factors involved in that people’s overall immunity can be normal, but they are vulnerable to yeast/fungal infections.

Patients with this syndrome may have a variety of symptoms e.g. Vaginal thrush, Irritable bowel syndrome, hormone imbalance, joint pains, Eczema, Urticaria, chemical sensitivity. They may also have generally decreased energy and well being. Not all of these conditions are related to yeast hypersensitivity, but this approach is worth considering in patients with a relevant history.

1. Diet. Reduction of intake of sugar and yeast for a trial period. With improvement, the need for rigid dietary restrictions lessen.

2. Anti-fungal medication. One of the theories of this syndrome is that there is a reservoir of abnormal yeast within the digestive tract. Different anti-fungal medications including Nystatin powder and Caprylic Acid may be indicated for long term relief.

3. Symptoms vary with each Candida patient and individually selected medications including Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines may be indicated.

4. Allergy testing and Acupuncture may also be indicated in some patients.
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Allergy.ie Stress

Stress can be an aggravating factor in a variety of medical conditions particularly Irritable Bowel syndrome, Eczema, musculo skeletal problems and reduced immunity. Treatment methods used will depend on a full history and may include diet, nutritional supplements , acupuncture , and breathing and relaxation techniques.